K-T in Women: A Survey on Reproductive Health in Women with K-T and Similar Complex Vascular Malformations

In 2004, Dr. Andre Rebarber conducted a survey among female K-T Support Group members. Information crucial to the health of K-T women was analyzed and published, and is still used by our members as reference material for their obstetricians. 

Although we don't have all the answers, there is more known about vascular anomalies than in 2004. We requested Dr. Rebarber and Dr. Francine Blei revisit this survey since our membership has grown, more general information is known, and because more recent literature will be helpful to improve overall quality of care for females with complex venous malformations.

The survey was completed and the information presented to ISSVA via a poster at the May meeting. We will continue to update.

Page last updated July 21, 2020