Transition to Adult Care

We heard you!

As the advocacy organization for complex vascular anomalies, the K- T Support Group is aware of the lack of resources for adults with these conditions. We are working on recruiting adult providers but we need hard data from patients to help define where clinical resources are lacking. We have developed a survey to gather your experiences as an adult patient. The results will be analyzed and published and will help patients with vascular anomalies in the years to come.

 If you are a patient 18 years of age and older and diagnosed with any complex vascular anomaly (K-T, CLOVES, CM-AVM, Parkes Weber, FAVA, Servelle Martorell, CM with overgrowth, etc.) please help us gather information by completing this survey. Click here to start.

Participation is voluntary and is anonymous.

Page last updated January 16, 2019