Simon-Politzer Scholarship

The Simon-Politzer Scholarship is offered to members with complex vascular malformations entering schools of higher learning.  Special consideration will be given to applicants who choose a course of study that would benefit those with vascular malformations.  Those professions might be medical, engineering, teaching, etc., or any profession giving provisions of benefit.  

This is an annual scholarship of $500 or more.  A student may receive this scholarship more than once and may reapply each year that he/she is in school.  However, it should not be assumed to be renewable to a recipient already having received a previous scholarship or grant. It must be used to pay tuition or other college expenses, such as books, fees.

The Applicant must demonstrate awareness and critical thought about the pressing issues facing the chronically ill.  Financial need, academic achievement, and/or community involvement will be considered but are not the basis of this scholarship.

You must be a member of K-T Support to apply. If you are not a member, you can join here. Once logged-in, you'll find the application in the members area here.

The application consists of

  • Cover letter generally describing financial need, academic achievement and/or community involvement
  • An essay of 300-500 words describing scholastic intent and how your vascular malformation has affected your life. 
  • Two letters of reference, educational and/or medical professional references are preferred.

Application Deadline:  January 31, 2017

Ellie Maureen Gooderham of Vancouver, CA, was awarded the 2015 scholarship.

Page last updated December 20, 2017